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We provide products and services to transform your business with blockchain technology.

Our Mission

Bringing the Promise of Blockchain to Life

At CTIO, we believe in harnessing the power of blockchain to revolutionize industries and transform the way businesses operate. Blockchain technology offers a powerful mechanism for trust, transparency, and governance, but we understand that it can be complex and inaccessible to most. That’s where we come in. Our mission is to demystify blockchain and create innovative applications that provide a seamless and intuitive user experience. With CTIO, you don’t need to understand blockchain to reap its benefits.

Our Products


Experience the future of online commerce with our powerful digital marketplace. Whether you’re trading goods, services, or digital assets, our marketplace provides a secure and efficient platform backed by blockchain technology. By leveraging the benefits of blockchain, we ensure trust, transparency, and integrity in every transaction. Join our digital marketplace and explore a new era of global trade.

CTIO Marketplace​ Platform

Experience the future of online commerce with our powerful digital marketplace. Trade goods, services, or digital assets safely, securely, and transparently.

Real Estate

We provide a secure and transparent platform for managing real estate assets with blockchain technology. Our marketplace is a seamless and intuitive interface for owners, buyers and sellers to post assets and benefit from co-sharing and co-owning of the assets.

PPR/DR Token

A powerful mechanism for businesses to benefit from preselling revenue with secure and transparent transactions. Ensuring secure and reliable revenue tracking, this system allows for easier monitoring of income and cash flow. Companies will benefit from simplified compliance and improved financial asset management efficiency.​


Barterswap provides a revolutionary way to manage and access talent and resources. You can access a pool of employees and make talent available, allowing for flexible and efficient workforce management. Additionally, Barterswap will enable businesses to access and provide other resources such as physical office space, server rooms / IT infrastructure, and marketing and promotional services.


The Marketplace is a secure and transparent platform for governance. It leverages blockchain technology to allow all stakeholders to come together to make decisions on a company with secure and immutable tracking of votes and decisions. The Marketplace enables improved efficiency, greater transparency, and cost savings, while providing businesses access to the ultimate platform for corporate governance.

Our Services

Bringing Your Blockchain Vision to Life

Transform your blockchain vision into a tangible product. Our team of experts provide endtoend support throughout the process, from ideation to production. Leverage Proof of Concept (POC) development, rapid prototyping, and iterative refinement to create a solution that fulfills your goals and resonates with your users.

POC TO Production

We provide comprehensive support to manifest your blockchain idea, from concept to production. Our experienced team works with you to bridge the gap between vision and reality, building a POC, prototyping, and refinement to ensure your product aligns with your objectives and engages its audience.

building your business

Our team will guide you through creation, design, building, and execution - leveraging industry best practices and the latest tools. We will utilize our experience to develop custom solutions tailored to meet your needs. Accelerate your success by partnering with us for your blockchain business idea.


At CTIO, we place your success and growth as our priority. We create tailored partnerships to maximize value, understanding your business needs and constraints, and helping you leverage the power of blockchain in a way that fits into your operations.

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